About Me

Hey there!

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Heather Marie. I am a copywriter and graphic designer based out of wherever the Air Force decides to send my husband. Currently, that is Woodbridge, Virginia (what up 22192).

I have loved writing ever since I was little. In the sixth grade, I won the Best Author award, so you might say I’m qualified. Afraid that I wouldn’t be able to make a career out of writing, I put my hobby on the back burner and pursued a degree in teaching. I’m proud to say that I am a licensed Elementary School Teacher qualified to teach grades K-6.

But something happened right as I was about to apply for teaching positions, the Air Force gave us orders. At first, I was devastated. But I started to look at it as an opportunity.

See, while I was going to school, I started up a small hobby blog to keep me busy (Prima Geek). That blog turned into a writing gig at the video game website Game Raven where I got a taste of what it was like to write for a living.

I was smitten. I started to look into virtual assisting, a job that I could take with me wherever we ended up landing. I have been able to work with some wonderful clients and make some lasting business relationships. Turns out, I’m pretty good at what I do.

My experience blogging allowed me to take my first steps into graphic design. And I LOVED it! I soaked up everything I could learn. Logo design, branding boards, social media templates, I loved it all!

In my mind, graphic design, like writing, allows you to display some of your personality (or some of your brand’s personality). It gives people a visual glimpse at what you’re all about. Let’s face it, as much as I’m all about words, images have a huge impact on people. You’re much more likely to go with a person who looks consistent and put together, am I right?

So that brings me to where I am today, an entrepreneur with a deep seeded passion for creating. I love taking ideas and bringing them to life. Helping you put your best foot forward so that the world sees what you have to offer.

yay, you made it!

Get ready for the magic to happen...

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